Campaign is the place where you define various configuration settings used from the feedback form.

How to create Campaign: 

  1. Use a user that has at least Contribute permissions in the site where the Feedbacker app is installed.
  2. Go to Site Content
  3. Click on the Feedbacker app 
  4. From the home page,click to "Campaigns" 
  5. Click "New Item" 
  6. Fill the infomation depending on your need 

Columns meaning and usage:

  • Campaign Title: use in the views; should be meaningful to the creator of the Campaign
  • Key: autogenerated by the tool; it is used as configuration setting in the Feedbacker App Part
  • Question: Displayed in the Feedback form
  • Rating Max: maximum number of rating stars that the feedback form displays; the value should be between 2 - 10
  • Allow Multiple Feedbacks for User: if Yes, one user can add more than one replay. On each page refresh, the feedback form will allow him to vote;
  • The Form should be expanded by default: control default behavior of the form, when the user opens it
  • Form Header: feedback form header text
  • Text Control Placeholder: additional text that is displayed in the comment area
  • Success Message: message that the form displays after the form is submitted 
  • Error Message: message that the form displays in case of unexpected error 
  • Already Added Feedback Message: message that the form displays in case "Allow Multiple Feedbacks for User"  is NO and the user has already submitted his feedback
  • Button Text: text of the submit button
  • Finished: if YES, the feedback items for this campaign will be hidden in the Feedback list
  • Feedback Items: shows in real time the related Feedback items