Add Feedbacker to your page

Feedbacker is  implemented as a SharePoint Provider Add-in which stores all data inside your tenant. Remote event receivers for App Installed, Upgraded and Uninstalling are used to ensure correct deployment.

Feedbacker provides two lists (Campaigns and Feedback) and one App Part (Feedbacker) to the app web. Campaigns and Feedback lists stores the data. The App Part shows a form that displays a campaign item. 

In order to configure the App Part to your page, you need first to have created a campaign. Once you create an campaign, there are two possible ways for adding Feedbacker to your page:

Option 1: Using the App Part

  1. Use a user that has at least Contribute permissions in the page library where your page lives
  2. Edit Page 
  3. Select "Feedbacker" in the Apps Parts area 
  4. Edit webpart properties
  5. Provide Campaign Key 
  6. [Optional] Set Chrome Type to "None" for better styling

Option 2: Emebed html directly to your page

  1. Navigate to the Html Builder 
  2. Select the Campaign you want. Provide width, height and base color: 
  3. Copy the "Embed Code"
  4. Navigate to the page where you want to show the feedback form
  5. Embed the html inside Content Editor or Emebd control